Beat the Burglar

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How to the Burglar

Home burglaries are proved to spike upwards during the cold, dark winter months, especially in the lead up to Christmas. According to research, an overwhelming majority of burglars enter homes through the doors and windows with windows being the most fragile point of entry. Thirty-four percent of burglars use the front door, twenty-two percent get in through the back door and twenty-three percent use first-floor windows. Often those doors and windows aren’t even locked. Burglars can get access through the door when people;

  • People forget to lock their doors, or
  • Have a key within easy reach of the lock.

Always lock doors and all windows, including above ground windows. For added security many homeowners take extra security measures with windows, patio doors and sliding glass doors this can include adding security bars to discourage entry.

 Ten Ways to Burglar Proof Your Windows

  1. Window Locks. While your windows may already have locks, additional aftermarket locks can enhance your window security.
  2. Window Sensors.
  3. Tempered Glass.
  4. Plexiglas or Polycarbonate Windows.
  5. Security Cameras.
  6. Window Bars.
  7. Floodlights/Motion Lights.
  8. Thorny Shrubbery underneath windows.
  9. Use indoor lights on a timer
  10. Burglar alarms are a definite must.


If your uPVC windows or doors are not secure or you have a broken lock we can help, find out more here:

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